About a year ago I stopped running an Agile Coaching Circle I’d run for a couple of years. It was a loose Lean Coffee format where agile folks of all experience levels could come, share challenges, get/give coaching advice, collaborate, and simply have some fun.

With COVID-19 and everything else going on, I thought it might be fun to restart the Circles as a way of collaborating with like-mind colleagues. But I’d like to change the name to the Agile Moose Herd.

Instead of signing up for them, I’ll simply make them a regular event using Zoom and here’s the URL: https://zoom.us/j/9454596862

Format & FAQ

  • As I said, it will be a loose Lean Coffee’ ish format.

  • If we have lots of attendees, we may break out into rooms for special interest discussions.

  • No need to RSVP. Come & go as you please.

  • I will not be recording them.

  • Initially, I will facilitate. Then others as they wish.

We can explore:

  • Share stories of success, of failure, of whatever

  • Pose questions

  • Run-thru challenging scenarios

  • Coaching dojo/practice sessions

  • Job find/search topics

  • Education topics

  • Virtually anything of interest to agilistas

Ground rules for the Herd

  • All voices are welcome

  • Be respectful

  • Stay open-minded

  • Listen first to understand

  • Assume positive intent

  • Talk less, Listen more (for me really)

  • What happens in Vegas - safe place


March Schedule

Tuesday, March 24th; Thursday, March 26th, and Tuesday, March 31st; ALL at 10:30am EST

The herd will meet for 60-90 minutes depending on topics, # of attendees, interests, etc.

April Schedule

Starting on Thursday, April 2’nd and repeating EVERY Tuesday & Thursday in April; ALL at 10:30am EST.

The herd will meet for 60-90 minutes depending on topics, # of attendees, interests, etc.

So, mark your calendars and feel free to join the Agile Moose Herd for collaboration, learning, venting, and fun. Hope to see you there…