Ever since the accidental creation of my book “Scrum – A Pocket Guide” in 2013, and its deliberate evolution in 2019, I’ve been receiving inquiries about an audiobook version. So far, I have not been able to make that happen but the current pandemic storm got me into implementing the audio idea in a different form.

On Tuesday 24 March 2020 I delivered the first “Daily Scrum Pocketcast” in which I have read following chapters from my book:

Foreword by Ken Schwaber

1.1 To shift or not to shift
1.2 The origins of Agile
1.3 Definition of Agile
1.4 The iterative-incremental continuum
1.5 Agility can’t be planned

Besides the full YouTube version, you can also find the audio version on SoundCloud.

In the subsequent daily broadcasts I will read the next chapters from my pocket guide to Scrum. Every reading session happens on working days at 3 pm CET (Central European Time), with each session continuing were the previous session ended. The sessions are open for 100 attendants. Every daily session is time-boxed to a total of 1 hour of me reading.

As we move forward, I plan to collect questions, or viewers can send me questions. Based on the questions received I will figure out how to best respond. That might be through additional Zoom sessions, or a document that I will share for free with everyone.

if you want to attend, register on Zoom (or copy following link to your browser https://us04web.zoom.us/meeting/register/upclduugrT8ruk_h1txTV8KP1_59Dj9sZg). Note that each session requires separate registration.

Warm regards
your independent Scrum Caretaker